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  1. Steffi1690 Moderator Nov 13, 2014


  2. DarkGSSJBeast Oct 28, 2014

    Quote by Rapshield31 Ehi ohi! What's up man? :>

    Wooaah! Mi fa piacere avere tue notizie Dari! Come vanno le cose!?
    I wasnt expecting see u in MT and pass by my page xD
    I am ehhmm not at my best times I guess but iz okies hehehe.... I will be fine and all
    My family is recovering little by little and I have a feeling
    that maybe we will get better sooner or later
    I hope u are doing good there Dari and being smart as i always remembered
    it was long-long time since we talked D: I am glad u still remember me girl~ [:

  3. Hooyaah Oct 08, 2014

    Quote by Rapshield31I am :) !
    What about you?

    Glad to hear that Hoo!
    I left the anime world for a while and I started Breaking Bad and.. already finished. Loved it

    "Breaking Bad" is not a bad break from the world of anime. I have been doing great too and I have been watching some anime series that are new to me: Hellsing, Attack On Titan, and Space Dandy, to name a few. I trust that your education is going well and that you are still as much fun as ever. Do drop in and say hi when you may.

  4. Hooyaah Oct 07, 2014

    Long ago you recommended Hellsing. I just got a round to giving the series a look-see. It was no disappointment. Thanks, I trust that you are well.

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